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3 Organisation Hacks To Make Your Kitchen Feel Twice As Big!

Great housekeeping is founded on organisation -  and the kitchen is one of the best (and usually easiest) places to start. By organising your kitchen you canmaximise your storage space, reduce visible clutter and make your space look beautiful in the process. When you’re organising your kitchen you should be aiming for a good balance of functionality, organisation and visual appeal. I know that sounds a bit rich coming from us however there arecountless studies that link the way our spaces look to how happy we feel in them! 

We know It’s not always easy to keep a kitchen clean, especially when you’re cooking for a large family, under the pump at work or managing deadlines at uni... But a well-organised kitchen can change how you cook and clean, in turn making it much easier to stay on top of the mess. The best way to organise your kitchen is entirely up to you! Think about how you use your space, which items you reach for the most, what areas of your pantry you struggle to keep organised. Taking a personal approach to organisation is the key to creating a system that will LAST.. To help you get started, here are some of our best organisation tips and tricks that can make your kitchen feel twice as big, and half as hard to clean!

Containers for days 

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it a hundred times: containers are your friend! We know it might seem like double handling to decant your pantry items and spices into containers but for most of our team - they find it SAVES them time when they’re using their kitchen. You can get them in glass or plastic, a lot of people choose glass spice jars and plastic pantry jars but you can choose whatever best suits your needs. Despite being the less popular option glass is an excellent choice for food storage as it does not absorb odours or flavours, and does not release contaminants back into your produce. On the other hand,plastic containers stack well in a pantry, making the most of every inch of space. Grains, cereal, rice, and nuts can all be stored in them. By making the most of your pantry shelves and drawers, you can clear space off the kitchen counter, making it appear clutter-free, and much easier to use. 

When you’re first starting it can be tricky to determine what size jars you need for each item, and how many you may need overall. A few months ago we spent a whole day testing our pantry container sets to see what quantities of staple items they held. We’ve made this guide free and available for you to referencehere. . Depending on the kind of food and its quantity, you can purchase sets of glass and plastic containers that match the design of your kitchen. Pretty Pantry Labels has a range of basic sets that are both practical and stylish. Try out our10-piece cube set, or ourwoodend glass pantry jars which come in bulk packs and individual units. You can mix and match plastic and glass pantry storage as needed. Remember- the only way an organised pantry will stay that work is if it works for you!n. 

Utilise baskets and trays

Whether you want to organise your knick knacks or pantry items, baskets and trays make an excellent simple storage solution for all areas of the home. They’re great for storing items that you might want to move or keep separated in their space, but also make for a really great cleaning tool. If you’ve got little ones (or just live with people that tend to leave things out) the quickest way I’ve found to get the house looking presentable is to give everyone a basket and tell them to go around each room picking up their belongings and take the basket to their room to organise later. Just make sure that follow up happens!  Trays and baskets look great and serve such a practical purpose in organising your home. The best part - we have a really great range of styles and sizes, meaning you’re likely to find something that suits the dimensions and aesthetic you’re after. 

Try using neutral colours, like ourbamboo organisation tray or theseagrass basket for storing items on your shelves or in the pantry. Their neutral colour palettes are incredibly versatile. They go with most decor and can even be repurposed for storage in other parts of the house. For a more minimalist look, try out ourwire storage ormesh baskets. Keep things simple and give your kitchen a classic look with these open organisation trays. 

Label as you go!

You know the saying “everything should have a place”? Well we’re firm believers in the importance of that statement. Identifying a set space for each item makes it easy for you to quickly clean up, for others to find things… and it looks great! The best way to do that? With pantry labels or household stickers.  

Labelling is also especially important when it comes to storing foods for those with allergies or dietary requirements. Pretty Pantry Labels’ range includes pre-designedallergy andexpiry date stickers that can help you keep track of food in your kitchen. 

Having a functioning and well planned storage system is the silver bullet that will keep those cluttered cupboards and benches away for good! Having more organisational and storage options can repurpose your space to make your kitchen, pantry (and your life) much more efficient and organised. Use the containers, baskets, trays and labels at Pretty Pantry Labels to make your kitchen life that much more organised and fuss-free!

We’re always here to help too! We offer consults if you’re not sure where to start or if you ever have any questions about our products or your organisational system you cancontact us.